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Welcome  to 2empower, a respected Leadership & Coaching company specializing in empowering Boards of Directors, Executives and senior leaders to deliver immediate and impactful performance gains by creating better leaders, teams and organizations.  2Empower also offers individualized one on one empowerment Life Coaching (Take2 Program) as well.


2empower-leadership creates advantage.  We are leaders who felt to innovate and change will be replaced by those who do, and organizations that fail to stretch themselves by thinking and acting differently will lose the  opportunity to grow instead of readily embracing change.


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Linda Ellis Eastman

CEO The Professional

Woman Network 

Dr. Jacque Johnson served as featured speaker at the PWN 36th International Conference and received a standing ovation for her brilliant and passionate presentation. 

Dr. Johnson is a gifted author and speaker, and based her presentation upon a forthcoming book which will release in 2019. Having served as her publisher for previous books and anthologies, she is extraordinarily knowledgeable about women's issues and diversity issues globally. Dr. Jacque Johnson is a believer in fairness and equality as it relates to gender and race.

I highly recommend Dr. Johnson for any company or organization who wishes to bring cultural awareness to their corporation and who wish to be cutting-edge as it relates to redefining a mission statement which is all-inclusive of women and minorities.

For organizations wishing a highly gifted speaker on Diversity, I highly endorse Dr. Jacque Johnson.

Linda Ellis Eastman, CEO
Professional Woman Publishing, LLC
Professional Woman Network (PWN)

Jane Ary

H.R. Analyst III GoDaddy Software 

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dr. Jacque at an Woman's Empowerment, and Annual Literary Book Launch event. Established Author and exceptional speaker, Dr. Jacque has an incredible way of uplifting, and encouraging others to be their best self.
Much like strengthening your physical core, Dr. Jacque delivered the importance of strengthening your 'core' personality and leadership skills.

Dr. Val Margarit

Dr. Jacque will empower your audience to transform their lives- yes, she is absolutely an amazing speaker. I met and watched Dr. Jaque deliver an impressive speech at the International Conference Professional Woman Network in Louisville, KY and when I left the room I felt renewed, reenergized and empowered. She's is terrific.